Can LNC Learning link to my site?
LNC Learning includes links to learning related websites which are not maintaned by the LNC. These links are provided so that users have additional relevant information, which they may wish to explore.

LNC is not responsible for the content of external websites. The inclusion of a link to a third party website, from LNC’s Learning pages, should not be understood as an endorsement.

  1. Where the LNC page is being linked from i.e. the url of the website where the link will be found.
  2. What graphic / image you would like to use. If there are multiple on the page, please use the name of the graphic or image.
  3. Details of the organisation linked to the website.
  4. Is your site on the internet or is it an intranet site? Will this site be controlled by password use?
  5. For publications made available to the public or educational professionals, please confirm the size of the print run and any charge that may be made to those who obtain the publication.

We also need to ensure that:

  • You will not use the link to endorse your site/school or any products.
  • You will not be using the website as part of a course/training that you will charge for.
  • Your site does not contain any commercial advertising.

How LNC choose external links

All links from LNC Learning sites are deemed to be editorially relevant to the content, or to the page they are linking from and are suitable for the likely audience.

  • We will not normally link to sites which are not free to access.
  • We will not link to external sites in return for donations or any other consideration in kind.
  • The external links on LNC Learning site are reviewed and varied on an ongoing basis, according to editorial relevance.
  • Some of our external links may refer to websites which offer commercial services, such as online purchases. These links are reviewed every six months.
  • If you are unable to find what you are looking for on this page, you may wish to use the LNC search engine, available at the top of any LAMINE MEDIA website page.
  • LNC Learning does not accept submissions or requests. Our team bases its research on popular search terms and conducts an independent evaluation of available websites to populate our external link suggestions.