CAR: Arrival In Bangui, Under Russian Banner, Of The First Civilian Convoy After 2 Months Of Blockade In Cameroon

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By V.M

BANGUI [LNC] – After nearly two months of blockade at the Cameroonian border, the first civilian convoy of goods finally arrived in Bangui from Garoua-Boulaï (Cameroon). An operation carried out under protection of FACA, Russian and Rwandan troops. But with a notable peculiarity.

Almost all the trucks wore Centrafrican and Russian flags. And all along the way, the onlookers chanted “Long live Russia”. This enthusiasm contrasts with the growing distrust of the former colonial power, which is stubbornly insisting at the UN, to maintain the arms embargo on CAR.

An opened boulevard to Russia to fill gaps in popularity.

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