Monaco: The Monaco World Amateur Theatre Festival Honours A Centrafrican Theatre Company

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Marie-Pierre COPPENS

MONTE CARLO [LNC] – Every four years, Monaco organises its international amateur theatre festival. From 17 to 22 August, 15 troupes of actors selected by their country of origin performed for two consecutive days at the Théâtre Princesse Grace or the Théâtre des Variétés. The African continent was represented by two countries, Morocco and the Centrafrican Republic. And at the end of the participants’ performances, the “Perroquets de Bangui ” won with their play entitled “Les anciens combattants”. WORLD CHAMPIONS! 

Composed of three comedians (two at the beginning), “Les Perroquets de Bangui” is a troupe with a humorous repertoire, which evokes certain social problems through humour.

Extract from a note from the festival organiser on the victory of the Perroquets de Bangui:

«The message of the Perroquets de Bangui is supra-national, it speaks of Africa and the rest of the world. A strong message against bad governance and the many scourges that plague and paralyse our dear Africa. Far from being mere imaginations, this content is inspired by the real history of the continent, the fruit of proven documentary research addressed to all humanity and more particularly to Africans without exclusiveness. The play deals with the contact with the white man, the recruitment, as well as the military life with notably the thorny question of the compensation for the efforts made but also the prestige that has consecrated to them this quality of veteran in the society ».

For Thomas, one of the festival organisers:

“Les Perroquets de Bangui met the expectations of the selection criteria imposed by the general rules of the festival.”

The theatre company returned triumphantly to Bangui the day before yesterday, Wednesday 25 August, from the Monaco World Amateur Theatre Festival.

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