Centrafrica|Region: Bambari, 2 Killed Including A FACA, & 2 Wounded In A CPC Attack

Qatar Airways [CPS] WW

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BAMBARI (LNC) – In the night of 5 June, CPC terrorists carried out a major offensive against the CAR Armed Forces (FACA) at their checkpoint, located at the entrance to the town, in the neighbourhood known as “L’élevage”. One woman and one soldier were killed and two other soldiers wounded.

It was only on Sunday that a FACA+Allies counter-offensive succeeded in pushing back attackers to a little over 20 km away. Clearing operations are still underway.

10 days earlier, these same armed men from the CPC had already ambushed the FACA in the town of N’Dim (Lim-Péndé), in the northwest of the country. 

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