Centrafrica: Jean-Marc GROSGURIN (French Ambassador) “Budgetary aid has been suspended, not cancelled.”

there was a common will to not break up and keep in touch.

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BANGUI (LNC) – This Monday, June 7, 2021, Henri-Marie Dondra, the CAR Minister of Finance allowed audience to Jean-Marc GROSGURIN, the French Ambassador to the Centrafrican Republic. The current very tense context of bilateral relations between the two countries was the perfect topic for the two men to take stock together on the harsh Franco-Centrafrican cooperation. Grosgurin was very clear with Dondra: “Budgetary aid has been suspended. This means that it is not cancelled. If from CAR, positive and strong signals are sent, things can be reassessed very quickly”.

The financial situation of the CAR, still struggling to make ends meet, was also on the agenda of the meeting.  “Exchanges between the two parties also aim to explore the necessary leads, able to put the machine on the good path,” said the French ambassador in this regard.


Grosgurin also specified that France would keep on its cooperation with CAR in the field of education, health, justice, culture, sports and youth with a project of 800,000 € to train teachers.

No decision was taken at the end of the tête-à-tête between the two parties, but there was a common will to not break up and keep in touch.

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