Centrafrica: Frenchman At Least Charged With Espionage & Plots

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BATH (LNC) – Juan Remy Quignolot, a French national who has been arrested by Police in May 10, after finding weapons, military fatigues and foreign bank notes at his residence in the capital Bangui, was just on this Wednesday, charged with espionage and conspiracy, told Eric Didier Tambo, attorney general in Bangui. Authorities accused him of having aided and trained rebel fighters since 2013. But Quignolot has denied the accusations.

According to the General Attorney, the charges are serious: “He is being charged with illegal possession of weapons of war, of undermining state security, plots and espionage.” 

The Frenchman was placed under committal order, in pre-trial detention; and the investigation was entrusted to an investigating judge. He faces a sentence of hard labor for life, according to the magistrate.

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