Centrafrica: MINUSCA Linked To Controversial Russian Mercenary Groups For ‘Grave Human Rights Abuses’ In CAR

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NEW YORK [LNC] – Crossed by multiple forces of influence, the position of MINUSCA in the Centrafrican conflict has never been very clear. This Wednesday, the latest report from the UN, stigmatizing the organization as an accomplice to the crimes and abuses committed by Russian mercenaries in the Centrafrican Republic since last December, bears witness to this. According to a report by UN independent experts that LNC got copy. In order to support Faustin Touadera’s gov, Russian mercenaries are violating human rights through large-scale crimes in the country.

A damning report by a team of independent UN experts, led by Iliena Aparatch. Three Russian military contractors are implicated, Sewa Security Services, Russian-owned Lobaye Invest SARLU, and the Russian-based Wagner Group, for massive summary executions, arbitrary detentions, acts of torture, forced disappearances, and attacks on humanitarian workers.

Still according to the report, these Russian operations were carried out with the complicity of the Centrafrican armed forces (FACA), and more seriously, with the active implication of blue helmets of MINUSCA, the UN force in Centrafrica.

MINUSCA cannot therefore once again attempt to refute such serious accusations from its own parent force.


In a recent interview with the French Africa-oriented media RFI, the Russian ambassador to the CAR, refuted through pious lie the existence of Russian mercenaries in the Centrafrican Republic. What facts on ground deny.

Let’s quote verbatim, part of text of the UN experts: “The experts have received, and continue to receive, reports of grave human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law, attributable to the private military personnel operating jointly with CAR’s armed forces and in some instances UN peacekeepers.” 

Again, according to the report, MINUSCA organized coordinated meetings with Russian advisors, including within MINUSCA bases in the country. In addition, MINUSCA is said to have taken charge of medical evacuations of wounded members of these Russian mercenary companies.


Russian forces brought down into the country by Faustin Touadera to back his  fragile power, which is widely contested by his political opposition, do not communicate about their damage in the conflict. And any voices in opposition are systematically and violently, silenced. As e.g, two Centrafrican news blogs, Corbeau News and Le Tsunami, being banned from broadcasting in the CAR, under Russian pressure, for anti-Russian propaganda.

At the UN, the independent working group deplores the lack of investigation, the lack of determination to identify those responsible for these abuses. But who will conduct the investigation? Certainly not MINUSCA, which is itself complicit in these crimes against humanity.

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