CAR: Ali DARASSA, Legitimized, And Soon Reinstalled In Bambari, With Gov Support

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BANGUI [LNC]   – On July 25, 2020, at the prime minister’s office in Bangui, PM Firmin NGREBADA called a so-called “closed” meeting, with the facilitators and the guarantors of the resolution of the Centrafrican crisis, but above all, with Mr. Ali DARASSA, main subject of the said meeting. And it emerged that, let us quote the minutes: “The government undertakes to create the conditions for the installation of Mr. Ali DARASSA in Bambari, following the example of Mr. Sidiki ABASS. As well as the strengthening of an effective mechanism of communication and permanent consultation between the government and the leaders of the former armed groups, the UPC in this case .” If some still preserved the illusion of the eradication of criminal armed gangs in the CAR, it’s now a lost hope. The current power choose to apply a completely different plan. For victims of these mass killers, this situation of full impunity left them nothing but their eyes to weep with.

What is disturbing was the presence of Adolphe Nahayo (ECCAS), Mathias Bertino-Matondo (African Union), and Denise Brown, (UN), attending the meeting.

So, let’s just say that this sinister effort of the Centrafrican power to legitimize and strengthen armed gangs sounds mad. Because de facto, that grants them impunity, and with the complicit endorsement of the international community


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