CAR: Firmin NGREBADA The Head Of The Horse Of The Gov’s Total Irresponsibility

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By Firmine YABADA

BANGUI [LNC]  Yesterday, July 30, as faced with the discontent of the ANE’s agents labelled “tablets”, threatening to go to strike for non-payment of their services, the PM Firmin NGREBADA called to an emergency meeting of  the strategic committee, supporting the electoral process in a limited gathering, in order to fix the issue. But just theorycally. Because he’s just simply satisfied to get rid of the baby by giving it to the UNDP. Hence the question: “Is there anyone at the controls?”, so much the gov has taken the habit for the single slightest problem, however falling under its responsability, to hasten to entrust it to one of the GOs 100% supporting the country. But the fun during this meeting, was the Ngrebada’s fatuity to dodge the issue.

“The purpose of the meeting was to know the reasons of the mood movement of the agents tablets and enumerators deployed in the field by the National Authority of Elections who threaten to stop their works because of non-payment of their allowances, Ngrebada stated. So the problem is very simple, but….

….immediately to discard his responsibilty saying: …. “Urgent action will be taken by UNDP to provide solutions where concerns are justified, and a communication will be made to inform the opinion on the details of the situation..”


Simply because the A.N.E file to set up the entire electoral process is a masquerade with untested plan, in the middle of amateurism, and having consistency only with  its media hypes.

The A.N.E has no operating budget. Everything is done on an ad hoc basis, with only the goodwill of foreign donors, taken by surprise each time, but having to assume.

Begging as mode of governance no longer surprises anyone in the international community in Bangui. Especially the UNDP who found other problems. It is up to her to compensate for the failings of this infantile and virtual power.


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